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All waste sites in the Township of Lanark Highlands operate on Summer Hours from May 15th until September 14th and on Winter Hours from September 15th until May 14th. The waste site schedules can be viewed below. For more information, please call 613-259-2398 ext. 242.

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2019 Waste Site Calendars

Transfer Station System

Lanark Highlands operates a network of transfer stations and landfills for its residents. Landfills are the final resting place for non-recyclable garbage; they require a frequent cover of soil to prevent garbage from attracting wildlife or blowing around as litter. Since cover material fills valuable space, the Township operates one landfill at a time in order to preserve capacity. The McDonalds Corners Waste Site is currently the Township’s active landfill site.

Both the McDonalds Corners Waste Site and Middleville Waste Site accept Construction & Demolition waste and large household items.

All other Waste Sites now operate as Transfer Stations and only accept Bagged Household Waste and Recyclables (Blue Box materials, Brush, Leaves, Tires, E-Waste and Scrap Metal), which are shipped off-site for final disposal.

If you have any questions about waste disposal, please contact the Lanark Highlands Township Office at 613-259-2398 ext. 242.

Loads of construction & demolition waste MUST be sorted prior to delivery to the landfill. Scrap metal must be separated for deposit into designated areas at the waste site. Load separation increases the Municipality's ability to divert materials from the landfill and recycling increases revenues to pay for waste management. Load separation extends the life of our landfills and reduces your tipping fees.

Recycle and Reuse Centre

The Reuse Centre is located at the McDonald's Corners Waste Site: 800 Con. 10, Dalhousie at County Road 12, and is open during regular waste site hours – click here for more information on this Green Initiative!

Blue Box Recycling

What IS Acceptable for Curbside Recycling?

What IS Acceptable for Curbside Recycling?

  • • Open and empty/clean paint cans (no plastic with metal tops and/or bottoms or handles)
  • • Tin cans, aluminum cans, pie plates, trays and foil wrap (no foil with paper or plastic laminate)
  • • Clear and coloured glass food and beverage bottles and jars scraped and rinsed clean
  • • Plastic food and beverage containers
  • • Milk and juice cartons, ice cream containers rinsed and clean
  • • #4 Film Plastic: grocery and shopping bags, outer wrap from cases of water and toilet paper/paper towel packages (put all of these in one bag – “a bag of bags”)
  • • Newspaper, magazines, catalogues, flyers and junk mail
  • • Boxboard: cereal boxes, cracker boxes, tissue boxes, “paper” egg cartons, toilet paper/paper towel rolls
  • • Office paper
  • • Cardboard – flattened and bundled

What is NOT Acceptable for Curbside Recycling?

What is NOT Acceptable for Curbside Recycling?

  • • Car tires and car parts
  • • Dirty flower pots
  • • Pots and pans
  • • Zippered plastic bags, solar blankets and fiberglass feed bags
  • • Styrofoam, sponge foam and foam sheeting
  • • Bubble wrap
  • • Small or large appliances, electronics
  • • Hard-cover books
  • • Plastic or metal strapping, window pane glass & construction material
  • • Picture frames
  • • Hangers
  • • Oil containers
  • • Compost
  • • Glass or ceramic dishes, Tupperware and Rubbermaid
  • • Plastic toys
  • • Diapers

Blue Boxes $8.00 + HST
Composters $37.80 + HST
*Available at the Township Office (sold at cost.)

Curbside Garbage & Recycling Service in Lanark Village

Click here for more information.

Used Tire Recycling

Used Tire Recycling in Lanark Highlands

For more information visit Rethink Tires

Household Hazardous Waste Depot

Household Hazardous Waste Depot in Lanark Highlands

E-Waste (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment) Recycling

E-Waste Recycling in Lanark Highlands

For more information go to www.ontarioelectronicstewardship.ca.

Payment of Tipping Fees at Landfill

Effective April of 2016, the Scale House at the Middleville and McDonalds Corners Waste Sites will accept payment from the public by debit or cash only. Cheque writing and invoicing will no longer be available to members of the public.

Tipping Fees

Current List of Tipping Fees

Integrated Waste Management Plan / Waste Recycling Strategy

In March 2014 Council adopted an updated Integrated Waste Management Plan which sets out goals to increase diversion of blue box materials over the next 15 years, and explores different options to help meet these goals. The Plan includes a Waste Recycling Strategy as Appendix A, and the Blue Box Promotion & Education Plan as Appendix C

You can read the document here.

You can provide feedback on the document or ask questions by emailing Thomas McCarthy here or phone (613)259-2398 Ext. 239