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McDonald's Corners REUSE CENTRE

The Reuse Centre is a community-based volunteer organization that partners with the Township to divert reusable goods from the landfill and redistribute them free-of-charge to people who can use them.

Books, clothing, house wares, craft materials, furniture, electronics, small appliances, sports & garden equipment, reusable windows and doors are all accepted at the Reuse Centre from Lanark Highlands' residents. (Due to limited storage capacity and volunteer labour, donations from outside of the Township are discouraged.)

The Reuse Centre is located at the McDonald's Corners Waste Site: 800 Con. 10, Dalhousie at County Road 12, and is open during regular waste site hours.

'The ReUsers', a volunteer group dedicated to maximum diversion from the landfill, staff the Reuse Centre. In October 2009 the ReUsers, with support from the municipality, local businesses and volunteer carpenters opened a new facility to accept, sort, and distribute reusable goods. Diversion from the landfill increased with the new and improved facility from an estimated 16 tonnes of material in 2009 to 37 tonnes in 2010 – a 130% increase in diversion!

To CONTACT the ReUsers (to offer your volunteer labour or to get information to assist in establishing a Reuse Centre in another community) phone Lynne Parks at 613-278-2739, Chris Anstead at (613) 278-1428, or email thereusers@hotmail.com