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The Integrated Sustainable Community Plan (ISCP) was built on the success of the document entitled
The Highlands We Want in the Year 2020
which was completed in 1999 in collaboration with the North Lanark County Community Health Centre. The ISCP was completed with funding assistance from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and REIC Perth was contracted to manage this project on behalf of the Township. The final report was accepted by the Council of the Township of Lanark Highlands on November 27, 2007 and will provide some direction to Council decisions in the future.

Integrated Sustainable Community Plan

Overview of the Project:

The process began with a series of 3 public meetings in September and October of 2006 that:

■ let people know about the process

■ helped us get a feel for local issues related to sustainability

■ provide a running start to five Theme Teams

Five Theme Teams were established to engage local residents in the project. Click on any of the teams to get more information on what they discussed: