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OPP Enforcement Priorities

As the Detachment Commander, it is my role to work jointly with the PSB, and for 2011, I have directed our officers to prioritize the following Enforcement Initiatives:

1. Reduce Aggressive Driving
This includes failing to stop for stop signs, speeding and following too close. In addition, too many drivers are still talking on cell phones and using blackberries while operating their vehicles!

2. Seatbelt Compliance
37% of our serious accidents involve occupants not wearing seatbelts. We will be making every effort to reduce this number, and it will involve both enforcement and education.

3. Property Crime Reduction
Thefts, Break and Enters and Mischief's are a crime of convenience. We have established a formidable plan to reduce these offences.

4. Illegal Drug Use
We have developed solid strategies to meet the Drug Use Issues, and will reduce the use of illegal drugs.

5. Marine (Snow Vehicle Patrols)
Our Detachment will be visible on the Lakes and Trails ensuring everyone enjoys the safe use of recreational vehicles.

Tips to Avoid Thefts

Some tips to avoid thefts from your residence and vehicles include:

- Never leave keys in your vehicle

- Never leave your vehicle unlocked

- Don't leave valuables in your vehicle

- Use light timers at home

- Have a neighbour check your residence

- Cancel newspaper delivery

- Have someone remove snow from your laneway if you're away


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