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False Alarms

What is a False Alarm?

• A false alarm is a Security Alarm Occurrence where there is no evidence that an unauthorized entry or unlawful act has been attempted or made into, on or in respect of a building, structure or premises.

• A false alarm includes, but is not limited to:

i) the activation of an alarm during its testing without prior authorization

ii) an alarm activated by mechanical failure, malfunction or faulty equipment;

iii) an alarm activated by atmospheric conditions, vibrations or power failure;

iv) an alarm activated by user error

$100 Penalty

When an “unreasonable number” of False Alarms have occurred, a Cautionary Notice will be issued. More than three False Alarms received from a residential or business unit within a twelve month period is deemed an “unreasonable number”.

Where there is a further False Alarm within one (1) year of the issuance of a Cautionary Notice, a Secondary Notice will be issued. The Secondary Notice will advise the Owner that their premises will receive a low priority response for 14 days if there is an alarm.

If a further False Alarm occurs at any time following the issuance of a Secondary Notice, a Suspension Notice will be issued. The Suspension Notice will remain in effect until the reliability of the alarm can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Ontario Provincial Police and a $100 Fee for this and each subsequent False Alarm occurrence will be issued.