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The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) provide policing services to the Township on a contractual basis. If you have specific concerns or comments about the Police Services, please contact any member of the Police Services Board or the Detachment Commander, Gerry Salisbury, at (613) 267-2626.

9-1-1 Hang-ups

As is to be expected, the 9-1-1 service in Lanark County has not been without some growing pains. Chief among those concerns is the number of 9-1-1 hang-ups that have occurred since implementation over a year ago.

If you mistakenly dial 9-1-1 stay on the line! Don't hang-up or refuse to answer the call back that will most certainly follow. Let the operator know that you made a mistake.

9-1-1 is not a plaything or some mysterious service. It is an essential service to provide police, fire and ambulance response which may save a life.

How to contact the O.P.P.

In case of an EMERGENCY, Dial 9-1-1

The NON-EMERGENCY phone number is (613) 267-2626.