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The Township of Lanark Highlands wishes to extend our appreciation to the Government of Canada for its’ up to $15,000 contribution to install a septic system and well at the Middleville Community Centre.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada, with support through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program/Avec l'appui du Programme d'infrastructure communautaire de Canada 150.

Government of Canada 150 Anniversary


Darling White Lake

Location: 236 Cedar Cove Road
Al Jones - President DWLC Executive Committee
Phone: 613-623-0494
Email: dwlc@wlol.ca
Website: http://www.wlol.ca/home/darling-white-lake-community-centre


Location: 5633 Hwy 511
Phone: 613-259-5750


Location: 974 9th Concession A Dalhousie
Phone: 613-278-0388
Email: meraschoolhouse@gmail.com
Website: www.meraschoolhouse.org


Location: 4203 Wolf Grove Road
Jim Muise, Phone: 613-256-9659
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Middleville-Community-Centre/

North Lavant

Location: 2082 Black Creek Road
Phone: 613-259-3079

South Lavant (Robertson Lake)

Location: 4101 South Lavant Road
Nancy Bingley - President
Phone: 613-259-5396


Location: 696 7th Concession
Phone: Carol Alexander, 1-613-256-1071

Watsons Corners

Location: 1132 3rd Con Dalhousie
Phone: 613-259-5454